To Blog or Not to Blog.


I need to set something straight…or rethink my idear about this blog.  I have been finding more joy since I started this baby then I could have ever imagined.  I often think to grab a picture, sometimes I don’t.  Then after work, working out, dinner, getting ready for the next day, blah blah…and all of the things ere’one else does….sometime the joy is not in the blog.  Is putting it into words and showing the world a picture worth the stress of bloggin’ every night?  No.  When the joy is taken out of the joy…it’s not.

Whoa. Whoa.  I’m not welching my obligation to find joy everyday.  I will definitely do so.  I may not just blog about it.  Most days I probably will…some days I will not.  Phew…glad we got that right.  Now for the amazingness that has been my last few days!

  1. I got pulled over today for “rolling” through a stop sign.  WARNING!  Zing!
  2. Impromptu game of “Hit One of the Six Globes Hanging in the Classroom with the Kooshball from Across the Room” after our meeting tonight with my cohort Mrs. B.  I think you’d be shocked at how long it took.
  3. Going to the K-State game with Jason.  Even though we lost, it was awesome.  There is something to be said about college sports!
  4. O.L.I.V.E. G.A.R.D.E.N.
  5. Margs. with my friends.  Nuff Said.
  6. Sleeping in this weekend.  Bliss.
  7. 71 degrees today.  Thank you M.N.
  8. Learning to start my juggle from behind my back.  S’gettin’ good folks!
  9. Officially down 10 l.b.s.
  10. Eagle Cams.  They are back in full force.  Nesting, eggs, bobble-heads.  Addiction!

See you around folks.


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