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Yesterday, Jason and I went to Milford Lake Eagle Days sponsored by the Milford Nature Center.  What an awesome event.  We got to see a golden and bald eagle during an eagle presentation, the many different raptors of Kansas, and even got to get into a faux eagle nest.  What a sight to be so close to such magnificent creatures.  Then we took a bus out to the local eagle ‘hot spots’ and spotted 16 eagles!  Some juvies, other adults, some soaring and some roosting.  It was so special.  I didn’t get the best shots because sometimes you just have to watch in awe.  That’s the best part.  It was an absolutely perfect day!

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On that note and as an advocate for ‘life’, lead in bullets and sinkers is having an impact on wildlife, especially raptors, including eagles.  There are simple steps to help prevent such painful and tragic deaths by lead toxicity:

1.  Educate yourself.  Read the following links.


More Lead

2.  Bury entrails.  This simple act will save many.  As eagles feed on the carrion left behind by hunters, they also eat the lead.

3. Educate others.  Spread the word.  True hunters never want to kill twice.  Some get their kill and inadvertently kill again by leftover lead residue.