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Yesterday, Jason and I went to Milford Lake Eagle Days sponsored by the Milford Nature Center.  What an awesome event.  We got to see a golden and bald eagle during an eagle presentation, the many different raptors of Kansas, and even got to get into a faux eagle nest.  What a sight to be so close to such magnificent creatures.  Then we took a bus out to the local eagle ‘hot spots’ and spotted 16 eagles!  Some juvies, other adults, some soaring and some roosting.  It was so special.  I didn’t get the best shots because sometimes you just have to watch in awe.  That’s the best part.  It was an absolutely perfect day!

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On that note and as an advocate for ‘life’, lead in bullets and sinkers is having an impact on wildlife, especially raptors, including eagles.  There are simple steps to help prevent such painful and tragic deaths by lead toxicity:

1.  Educate yourself.  Read the following links.


More Lead

2.  Bury entrails.  This simple act will save many.  As eagles feed on the carrion left behind by hunters, they also eat the lead.

3. Educate others.  Spread the word.  True hunters never want to kill twice.  Some get their kill and inadvertently kill again by leftover lead residue.





You all know that I am a bird nerd.  I like to watch birds.  No…not all bird watchers are 60 and have cats.  It’s a newfound hobby that I can’t get enough.  It’s so peaceful for me and it makes me want to read and learn.  I like a hobby that makes me want to do those things!

Birding USUALLY is enjoyable and peaceful…until something happens.  I don’t like or enjoy the ugly, yet very necessary side of nature.  It’s hard for me to separate my love of all wildlife and mother nature.  Anyway, today, while decompressing from school, I checked out the ol’ eaglecam (which got me started in this new hobby/journey) and this is what I saw.  HOLY EAGLE ALTERCATION!  My heart was beating so fast and I was anxious.  What the…was that….holy balls.  Let me break it down.

This is the Decorah Eagle nest in Iowa, a couple of hours North from where I grew up.  These eagles have fledged 100% of their eaglets, meaning they have all left the nest.  They are mates for life!  Isn’t that awesome?!  I think so!  I have spent WAY too many hours watching them.  Today, an intruder came to the nest.  Eagles will defend their nest and young to death.  They are very territorial during the nesting season, which is upon us.  The intruder does a ‘fly by’ of the nest and returns to Dad Eagle’s fight.  The eagle pair have not returned to the nest since this happened today….guess what my weekend entails.  Ahhhhhh!

Shutting Off


Ok.  So I didn’t post a pic. everyday.  Sometime the joy in life is shutting off and listening to the peace and love around you.  After a hectic last week of school, I was ready to do just that…and that’s EXACTLY what I did.  Below you will see a few pictures from Mom’s Christmas and one of the road (what you can’t see in that photo is the THOUSANDS of birds that were flying all around us).  That sums up the weekend.  Driving and spending some much needed time with Jason, enjoying the birds and wildlife, and seeing the fam.  It’s always good for the soul to spend time with your mother.  I saw my first adult eagle in flight in Kansas, just minutes on the road.  Follow that by 7 more adult eagles, suspect juvenile eagles (still hard to identify for me), 2 prairie chickens scurrying across the highway, and at least 50 different hawks and falcons of all sorts.  The only difference with this time is I didn’t try to catch a shot…I just watched in awe.  It was relaxing. It was fantastic.  It was joyful.

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