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Booooooooo Fest.


Ohhh…hello again.  Sorry I’ve been busy.  Being motionless on the couch, smelling like vicks, lost in a pile of tissues with vaso. on my delicate nostrils, not being more then 5-feet from the humidifier on full blast, all while coughing my lungs across the room.  Not to mention Winston relentlessly laying on my chest trying to smell my infection breath.  Mind movie yet?

Thank you Bronchitis.  The last few days I have not posted for two reasons.

 #1) See aformentioned motionless comment…I didn’t move people.  Ask Jason, poor fella…but AMAZING husband.  God I love him.

#2) There is ABSOLUTLY no joy found in these last few days.  Not being able to breath is a legitimate scare, if I should say so myself.

This is the worst bronchitis I’ve ever had.  Three day fever, body aches, and missing work. Boo Fest!  Let’s just hope this isn’t an annual event being a teacher.

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