I’ve been gone.  I’ll be back soon…until then.  Enjoy this.  I’m addicted!


To Blog or Not to Blog.


I need to set something straight…or rethink my idear about this blog.  I have been finding more joy since I started this baby then I could have ever imagined.  I often think to grab a picture, sometimes I don’t.  Then after work, working out, dinner, getting ready for the next day, blah blah…and all of the things ere’one else does….sometime the joy is not in the blog.  Is putting it into words and showing the world a picture worth the stress of bloggin’ every night?  No.  When the joy is taken out of the joy…it’s not.

Whoa. Whoa.  I’m not welching my obligation to find joy everyday.  I will definitely do so.  I may not just blog about it.  Most days I probably will…some days I will not.  Phew…glad we got that right.  Now for the amazingness that has been my last few days!

  1. I got pulled over today for “rolling” through a stop sign.  WARNING!  Zing!
  2. Impromptu game of “Hit One of the Six Globes Hanging in the Classroom with the Kooshball from Across the Room” after our meeting tonight with my cohort Mrs. B.  I think you’d be shocked at how long it took.
  3. Going to the K-State game with Jason.  Even though we lost, it was awesome.  There is something to be said about college sports!
  4. O.L.I.V.E. G.A.R.D.E.N.
  5. Margs. with my friends.  Nuff Said.
  6. Sleeping in this weekend.  Bliss.
  7. 71 degrees today.  Thank you M.N.
  8. Learning to start my juggle from behind my back.  S’gettin’ good folks!
  9. Officially down 10 l.b.s.
  10. Eagle Cams.  They are back in full force.  Nesting, eggs, bobble-heads.  Addiction!

See you around folks.

Isn’t This the Truth.


I have felt the joy today.  So many are still concerned and asking about my bronchitis.  I am thankful I have people that care enough to ask.  I randomly received two KSU basketball tickets to the game tomorrow from one of my student’s parents.  I am thankful that they thought of Jason and me.  I was able to spend a few, uninterrupted hours of chatting with my two fav. gals.  I am so thankful for their friendship.  We had a lot to talk about!  And now I’m spending a relaxing evening with my two loves, Jason and Win.  Heading to bed soon!

This video speaks to me and I thought it was a great reminder!

It’s What Thin People Do.


I don’t care what anyone says.  Losing weight = starving.  Let me break it down.

Count your calories, ya’ll.  If you are anything like I am was, you are eating approx. 3000 calories per day, probably more.  WAY too many.  As you know, I am trying to drop some poundage.  Well, not some, lots. To do so, according to, I need to eat 1476 cals. a day.  A DAY people.  That’s less than half of my old, fat self.  To me, that’s starving.  But when you love food like this momma, it’s tough.  Luckily if I exercise my ass tail off, I can eat more.  Good enough for me!

At what price is losing worth it.  Look at this bread and this bagel.  Jason and I laughed so hard we both cried.  This is hilarious.  I guess thin people eat thin bread.  So we will too!  🙂

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P.S.  Feeling better!

Booooooooo Fest.


Ohhh…hello again.  Sorry I’ve been busy.  Being motionless on the couch, smelling like vicks, lost in a pile of tissues with vaso. on my delicate nostrils, not being more then 5-feet from the humidifier on full blast, all while coughing my lungs across the room.  Not to mention Winston relentlessly laying on my chest trying to smell my infection breath.  Mind movie yet?

Thank you Bronchitis.  The last few days I have not posted for two reasons.

 #1) See aformentioned motionless comment…I didn’t move people.  Ask Jason, poor fella…but AMAZING husband.  God I love him.

#2) There is ABSOLUTLY no joy found in these last few days.  Not being able to breath is a legitimate scare, if I should say so myself.

This is the worst bronchitis I’ve ever had.  Three day fever, body aches, and missing work. Boo Fest!  Let’s just hope this isn’t an annual event being a teacher.

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Yesterday, Jason and I went to Milford Lake Eagle Days sponsored by the Milford Nature Center.  What an awesome event.  We got to see a golden and bald eagle during an eagle presentation, the many different raptors of Kansas, and even got to get into a faux eagle nest.  What a sight to be so close to such magnificent creatures.  Then we took a bus out to the local eagle ‘hot spots’ and spotted 16 eagles!  Some juvies, other adults, some soaring and some roosting.  It was so special.  I didn’t get the best shots because sometimes you just have to watch in awe.  That’s the best part.  It was an absolutely perfect day!

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On that note and as an advocate for ‘life’, lead in bullets and sinkers is having an impact on wildlife, especially raptors, including eagles.  There are simple steps to help prevent such painful and tragic deaths by lead toxicity:

1.  Educate yourself.  Read the following links.


More Lead

2.  Bury entrails.  This simple act will save many.  As eagles feed on the carrion left behind by hunters, they also eat the lead.

3. Educate others.  Spread the word.  True hunters never want to kill twice.  Some get their kill and inadvertently kill again by leftover lead residue.


Jayci’s Sales Debut: A Guest Blog


When you have a friend like Jayci, it is hard not to appreciate the little things in life.

There is joy to be found in the ordinary moments.

Particularly when your said friend is trying to sell you her digital camera so she can buy a better one.

These were the photos she took to try and sell me on it.

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Looks like I need to save my money for some Cover Girl and a Clarifying shampoo.


~Jennifer B~

This is Jennifer’s debut as a guest blogger. You can read more about this grossly mediocre vegan mama at The Vegan Bees